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has been actively operating in the market for over 10 years, building successful partnerships and assisting over 50 companies in Ukraine and abroad to achieve significant success in their industries.

Our services

Our company specializes in the following areas:

Our marketplace optimization services, including Amazon, empower brands to reach new heights. We provide:

- keyword research and selection:
We assist in selecting keywords that maximize your visibility.

- creation of engaging content and descriptions:
Effective means of engaging your audience.

- analysis and conversion improvement:
We monitor and optimize conversions for maximum market penetration.

Our team of experts develops tailor-made solutions for your business processes:

- procurement and logistics:
Systems that streamline and expedite procurement and logistics processes.

- 1C Integration:
Software development that optimizes work with the 1C system.

Our marketing experts provide advanced consultations on marketplace advertising, pay-per-click strategies, and innovative approaches to increase your business visibility.

We take pride in our international customer support, which includes:

- language diversity:
Serving clients in various languages, including English, German, Spanish, French, etc.

- real-time consultations:
Interact with our experts through the website chat.

Experience and results

Projects and achievements

Frequently Asked Questions

What sets Bogachuk-servis apart from other companies in the field of business optimization?
Bogachuk-servis distinguishes itself with an individual approach to each client, the development of innovative solutions, and a wide range of services, including optimization on marketplaces, software development, and international client support.
Which languages does the international customer support service support?
Our international support service is ready to answer your questions and provide consultations in various languages, including English, German, Spanish, French, and others.
Do you provide consultations on marketing strategies?
Yes, we specialize in marketing consultations, including marketplace advertising, pay-per-click strategies, and innovative approaches to increase your business visibility.
Can you provide examples of projects in your portfolio?
We have successfully implemented projects involving the development of software for optimizing accounting and logistics, consultations on expanding from the Ukrainian market to international markets, and providing stable international client support.
How long does the implementation of software take?
The timelines for software implementation depend on the specific project. We work efficiently and swiftly, ensuring quality at every stage.
How do you interact with clients during the development of software?
Our team collaborates with clients at every stage of software development, conducting regular meetings, providing reports, and considering their instructions to achieve the best results.
Can services be ordered separately, without a comprehensive approach?
Yes, we are ready to provide services separately, considering the specific needs and goals of each client. You can choose only the services you require.
Do you provide support after the implementation of solutions?
Yes, we offer post-implementation support, monitoring the effectiveness of developed solutions, and are ready to provide assistance and make necessary adjustments.
Can an individual consultation be obtained before starting collaboration?
Yes, before starting collaboration, we offer individual consultations where you can receive detailed information and determine the optimal direction for your business.
Can an individual optimization plan be developed for my company?
Yes, our experts are ready to develop an individual optimization plan, taking into account the specific features and goals of your business.
What guarantees and responsibilities do you provide to clients?
We provide guarantees of the quality of developed solutions and commit to long-term support, as well as ensuring confidentiality and the security of client information.
How do you determine the cost of services and projects?
The cost of services and projects is determined individually, taking into account the scope and complexity of work. We provide transparency in costs and are willing to discuss possible financing options.
Do you work with clients abroad?
Yes, we have successful experience working with clients not only in Ukraine but also abroad, particularly in European and North American countries.
Do you conduct training and seminars for clients?
Yes, we organize educational events and seminars for our clients, providing them with the opportunity to familiarize themselves with new technologies and expand their knowledge.
How can I start collaborating with Bogachuk-servis?
To initiate collaboration with us, contact our sales department through the form on the main page, phone, or email. We are happy to provide consultations and start working on optimal solutions for your business.

How to contact us

46022, Ukraine, Ternopil region, Ternopil city, 7 Savura Klyma str., apartment 90